the so-called cost performance, the full name is the performance price ratio, is a performance and price ratio between the relationship. When you buy products, you will choose cost-effective products to buy.

broadly speaking, the cost performance of the product should be based on the same performance, that is, if there is no basis for a similar performance comparison, the cost performance is meaningless.

space price from the server room configuration, bandwidth and stability, a number of server space, service providers, space types, the price of space, several aspects of this comprehensive judgment.


of space, the space configuration of the server and the proportion of relatively large, like space service providers that need a brand, their server configuration is relatively good, generally are a brand, for example, Shandong China space imagination, the configuration of the server is a DELL 8 core original machine, and that personal selling space, mostly the kind of common configuration, assembling machine.

2. room of the bandwidth and stability, for the most part, space access are hundreds of megabytes of bandwidth sharing. Must choose the engine room, webmaster friends can give the customer service to more than a few cases, or try it, to see how the stability.

The number of spaces on the

3. server

if the configuration and bandwidth are the same, the more space opened, the less space and the number of IIS connections each CPU takes, the slower the site will be. So webmaster friends in the choice of space, you might as well ask the customer service, in general, their machines are put on the number of sites.

Service of

4. service provider

service is becoming more and more important, the service of service providers is also a very important indicator. So, when buying space, look at whether the website provides 24 hours of service, whether there is customer service or QQ online, there is no company’s phone, and so on.

5. categories and prices

general space is divided into ASP, PHP,.Net Almighty these several spaces. The quality of space and prices are interlinked, a very responsible for their own web site, the choice of space is very cautious.

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