hot pot franchise in order to make a profit, need to do what work? Many franchisees have ignored a focus is positioning problem. First of all, you need to be clear is what your store location. Only accurate positioning, to be able to meet the needs of the market to achieve smooth development.


hot pot has been a favorite of many diners, franchisees according to the concept of consumption can take different consumer guide. First of all, we have to analyze the location of hot pot restaurant. Can be positioned as a simple hot pot restaurants, integrated restaurant franchise, or positioning for the characteristics of hot pot restaurants, public hot pot shop. read more

from the telephone line internet era began at the China Internet Sohu now has more than ten years, from its development path on a Sohu to go back the road of development. The inside reason: the Sohu internal work is too poor, what things are wonderful for insufficient foreplay.

was ousted boss

on Sohu, a very interesting phenomenon is that in many ways it is in front, but wait until it wants to play the role of the boss, but was born, born to pull down. For example:

98 Sohu in the search based on the classification of the introduction of Sohu, Baidu does not know where, the result of China’s search industry is Robin Li. read more

January 12th. URL domain name registration and management agencies in the network ". The story will be held" forum, celebrate. URL domain name to become the world’s largest Chinese generic top-level domain.

according to the third party data show. URL domain name open only 5 months, the global registration has exceeded 200 thousand, ranked first in the world in the Chinese gtlds.

net ( chairman Mao Wei analysis said, is a "web site." the domain name itself is very commercial value. URL domain name is very suitable for Chinese surfing habits, easy to remember and easy communication, both at home and abroad. Browsers support direct access to web sites "domain name, the Internet is more convenient; two in innovation the domain name development mode. URL domain name + mobile service one-stop service has been recognized by the market, enterprises have registered for use, including many well-known domestic and foreign enterprises and institutions. read more

The afternoon of October 26th

Sohu it news, Sohu micro-blog hi travel network fish in micro-blog (, one of the famous game portal 7K7K encountered by the Registrar hold, although the record was normal, but the site has been unable to access. The latest record of domain name operations from the evening of 25 points, 11 points. Temporarily unable to learn the specific circumstances. 7K7K game was founded in May 1, 2003, is one of the domestic professional casual games website, collect a wide range of Internet game resources, the angel investor Lei Jun. read more

According to the

IDC review network survey, from July 5th until July 26th, the fastest growth in the global domain name registrar, the United States swept the top two, Japan ranked third, while still leading the domestic domain name registration Chinese civilink market, ranked fourth.

(Figure 1) 2010.7.5-2010.7.26 global domain name of the fastest growing registrar ranked

from Figure 1, the latest data show that the United States GO DADDY as the world’s largest domain name registrar is still ranked first, and the total net growth of the domain name registrar is much higher than in other countries. While the well-known domain name registrar: Chinese million net, to lead the monthly increase of nearly 50 thousand of the absolute advantage in the global market of domestic domain name registration, domain name registration in the fastest growing business ranked fourth. In the world’s top 20 fastest growing countries, the United States accounted for 7 seats, China accounted for 4 seats. read more

A5 webmaster network ( September 22nd news, in September 19th for Alibaba is an unusual day. After a long wait, finally this day the Alibaba Group officially listed on the New York stock exchange. Whether queuing grand pre IPO roadshow investors, after the listing or overestimate the value of approximately $200 billion, the Alibaba to the peak.

Ali created the longest opening record for 10 years, more than Twitter minutes of inquiry time record of. During the opening price change 8 times, the trading range also reduced from the original $3 to $1. Finally determined the opening price of 92.70. read more

    March 2012, WeChat users break 100 million;

September 2012, WeChat users exceeded 200 million;

January 2013, WeChat users exceeded 300 million;

at the end of October 2013, WeChat users exceeded 600 million


in the face of such a huge user market, you think it’s worth it?

see your opponent in WeChat earned pots full of your heart?

have you ever thought about a few years later you will regret because today’s hesitation and hesitation did not choose to do WeChat marketing? read more

Oriental Morning Post     Intel investment, Dfj investment and Sequoia Capital Chinese yesterday (October 20th) jointly announced on the China e-commerce website good music to buy ( $17 million. Sequoia Capital also participated in the first round of good music to buy investment.

according to Caixin reported that good music to buy is China’s largest online authentic shoes mall. Founder Lu Ming revealed that the funds will be mainly used for team building, warehousing, goods preparation three aspects. read more

China reporters from the anti phishing alliance secretariat was informed that the latest data show that as of the end of October this year, the alliance cumulative identify and deal with phishing sites 28368. Which identified and dealt with 2763 phishing sites in October, compared with the same period last year, an increase of 85%. Data also show that the current phishing show a strong hot get together effect, the field of e-commerce is still the hardest hit phishing sites, buy hot spots are facing the risk of phishing sites continue to increase. read more