A5 (www.admin5.com) station network June 23rd news, the so-called Tall trees catch much wind, a piece of information APP today’s headlines to get $one hundred million financing of the news, the today’s headlines is pushed in the teeth of the storm. In addition to doubts about today’s headlines are worth $one hundred million, is to focus on whether the infringement is fired raise a Babel of criticism of.

is the first in this month to 6, today’s headlines unauthorized release of the "Guangzhou daily" works on suspicion, owned by Guangzhou interactive information network "Guangzhou daily" information network transmission right filed the copyright lawsuit. Followed by the "Beijing News" also published an editorial in today’s headlines on the copyright question, proposed today’s headlines deep links is equivalent to plagiarism, deep links constitute infringement requires two elements: 1, bypass connected directly to the home page, 2, in the specific content page is no sign of any chain website. read more

Sina Technology Li

Spring Festival and more concentrated taste, home has been put on the agenda, for how to pass long homeward boring time, a lot of people early good reserve variety shows, movies and TV series.

if you are a member of the major video sites, everything will be easy to prepare. But if not, and can not be like Yang Fei, things will be bumpy.

Yang Fei, male, 27 years old, during the day is a Internet Co’s UI designer, in the evening to find fun in a variety of video, because of boredom, but also chase TV series. Since December, "Mi month biography" became his new favorite. The only problem is updated daily to compromise copyright LETV, this rhythm always let him. read more

today, China frequently came occupation social networking sites to obtain financing news, the largest social networking site occupation Chinese Sky Network (www.tianji.com) is to obtain a huge amount of financing of $about thirty million in a few months ago. Professional social networking site recently so popular, but also reflects its value is being recognized by more and more investors and professionals.

according to the U.S. market research firm Hubspot conducted a survey of 611 financial advisers survey data show that 61% of respondents believe that LinkedIn has direct help for their business expansion. Prior to this, HNW released another study showed that 75% of respondents will linkedIn as their preferred investment research and social media. read more