customers are different, and they get along with the process of taking the attitude will be different. If it is a talkative customers, the owners do not have to worry about, but some customers not only do not love to talk, even in peacetime conversation is cold. So, if the shop to do business, how to meet the cold customers?

has such a customer, every time to buy cigarettes are overcast with a face. Because it is long, adjacent is very close, I also know him 7 yuan long smoke cigarettes, so every time I see the money. Take 7-10 yuan money is to buy 1 boxes, 14-20 yuan is the box, and sometimes he took 50 yuan, I have to ask, "is to be a box of 2?" "" "" "" "" """ "What to do, smoke can not sell out, hard to 2 boxes, to a box." Strong customer response. read more

in recent years, O2O services can be described as a fire, the influx of hot money in the O2O services industry has spawned a number of freelancers. They use their proficiency in a particular line to start a small project O2O business services.

1991 was born in the year of Xia Xinyue came to Shenzhen to become a O2O service platform Manicure division, beauty division, the highest single month order amount more than 50 thousand yuan, much higher than the income of many peers.

provide door-to-door service Manicure normal monthly income of up to 70 thousand yuan, a monthly income of more than 20 thousand, income is more than 15 thousand massage…… Reporter recently interviewed a number of O2O service platform, found that the influx of hot money in the O2O industry has also spawned a number of high-income free occupation, they have their own income, workplace high proficiency in a particular line, become the main reason to attract their freedom. read more

today’s children to learn the pressure, parents also want to give their children more help, for the children reported counseling classes, so that children faster performance. Therefore, the investment is a very good way to make money, then, how to open classes? About the location of remedial classes, Xiaobian for the following tips.

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we all know, children’s clothing market prospects are very good. Want to start a friend who knows, choose to enter the market of children’s clothing, is the choice of the development of space. Then, start to choose to join the United States for children? Brand children’s clothing, the best choice for entrepreneurship!

a little princess, the little prince more lively and lovely charm, Mei children is to reflect children’s vitality under the watchful eyes of the people strong brand! Kenny children status is more accurate, more easy names on word-of-mouth, brand strength is visible. Small children, is committed to build the first brand of children’s clothing China, is bound to set off a new round of brand wealth legend in the children’s clothing market. read more

with the central government and entrepreneurial policies on rural areas tilt, rural business opportunities increasingly prominent. Inventory of entrepreneurial potential of the 7 projects recommended for the return of entrepreneurs who guide a road to the future.

centralized gas supplyThe status quo of rural city of

will change the farmers scattered in the gas concentration, possible. With straw made of straw gas for cooking, not only solves the problem of straw burning pollution of the atmosphere, and can save a lot of cooking costs, a straw gas equipment per hour can produce 300 square straw gas, almost can meet the needs of a village cook. read more

this year the play is creative, no matter what the industry needs to have creative elements to get everyone’s attention on the inside to open a Ironi Home Furnishing stores, by the headquarters of the management plan, let investors better manage Ronnie Home Furnishing stores, and Ronnie Home Furnishing joined the headquarters and the combination of traditional essence into modern the popular elements of the traditional furniture has become particularly distinctive, Ronnie Home Furnishing join headquarters can not only improve the traditional furniture selling point, also has a modern flavor, since Ronnie Home Furnishing stores into the furniture market, quickly started the fame among consumers, consumers become warm after great furniture, Ronnie Home Furnishing to join a new sales model caused by the dealer’s attention. read more

we know that the automotive industry is now very promising investment potential, is the gold plate. So, how to make the car beauty shop to make money? Car beauty shop business affected by many factors, including the decoration is the most critical factor.

1, his position written in the head, let the owners know you probably do what. For example, your sign is XX XX automotive supplies automotive beauty shop, supermarket, XX auto repair center, so that your position is very clear, customers will know what you are, you won’t want to come here for dinner. read more

entrepreneurs in addition to concern about the development of the industry, the financial aspects of the dynamic should also attach importance to. This year, the Fed raised interest rates on a number of occasions that the venture capital companies or will encounter financing problems, no doubt in this entrepreneurial winter worse.

12 17, the "Wall Street journal" columnist Rolfe  Winkler wrote Wednesday; Wednesday, the Fed rate hike will not have an immediate impact on the valuation of start-up companies, but it may make the venture financing becomes more difficult than before. read more

if you choose between work and entrepreneurship, what would you choose? I think in the current business environment, many people will choose to embark on the road of entrepreneurship. The business entities who are hoping to do business profitable, pours, but now do business where there is so easy? Without a little temper beat, business is difficult to become bigger and stronger. In addition to business people have to abuse me thousands of times, I want to business as the determination of first love, but also continue to learn to learn to learn, such as in the store on the choice, there is great knowledge. read more

in 2015, all over the country every year to hold a venture contest. A variety of entrepreneurial competition awards or funds, or support policies. But those who won the award of the entrepreneurial competition, after the game really get a good opportunity?

each era has its unique label, such as the now popular venture. Ma Yun in the NASDAQ bell scene boiling the whole domestic aspiring young and old, we have Ma Yunshi to start a business of God, to follow suit. With the call of the society, the public business had begun, with vigour and vitality,. read more

a lot of people want to open a clothing store, but some stores can make money, some shops may even lose money is not going to open a. The shop is not as simple as add, subtract, multiply and divide it involves many links, site selection, financing, purchasing, sales, financial management, a part of any inconsiderate fracture may lead to investment chain.

The downtown is not necessarily the best
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whether it is a man or a woman, want to have a good shape, which will promote the rapid development of the hair industry. And want to really successful hair salon, you have to pay attention to many aspects. So, to the hair salon location should pay attention to what? The following Xiaobian for your careful analysis.

large passenger traffic are:

the commercial center of the town (that is what we usually call "downtown"). The station (including the starting point and end point near the train station, bus station, passenger ferry, bus). Large residential areas or high-grade residential areas or the entrance of the door. The large gate of the school, University and Career Academy is better. At the nearby popular consumption characteristics. The office building is concentrated. read more