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TORONTO — Namaste Technologies Inc.’s interim chief executive is urging its shareholders to “ignore the rumours” as its ex-CEO commenced legal action against the cannabis company to prohibit his termination unless a “proper process” is followed. According to court documents obtained by the Canadian Press, Sean Dollinger applied for a permanent, mandatory injunction requiring Namaste and two of its board members to retract a news release that announced his termination.Lawyers for Dollinger also called for an injunction prohibiting Namaste’s board, or a committee or subset of the board, from removing him as a director or terminating him as CEO unless a “proper process in compliance with relevant statutes” is adopted and followed.Shares of the Toronto-based firm on the TSX Venture Exchange plunged on Monday after Namaste announced Dollinger’s firing, its plans to commence legal action against him and the launch of a strategic review process to examine its options.Today, the interim CEO of Namaste, which operates an e-commerce platform and a portal that connects patients to doctors, wrote a letter to shareholders urging them to focus on communications received from the company and to disregard “rumour and speculation.”Meni Norim also told shareholders in the letter that Namaste has a strong management team in place and the business is “solid.” The Canadian Press read more