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, a keyword search for

two, users of the keyword search habits analysis

, which is actually a strategy for selecting the most important step in the keyword, because our final result is we hope that the consumers can use, if the keyword and user search habits is too large, this is not only a waste of time at the same time, to optimize the long-term site is also harm no one good, so be an important consideration in conditions of user search habits as keywords are the best selection, of course, how to judge, I believe you should be better than I do now webmaster. read more

, the author participated in the 5.23 Shanghai station Hangzhou Railway Station love high-end salon, at the meeting of the king of Shanghai to share love Amoy about on-line "web search quality white paper", but also emphasized the love of Shanghai search engine in the second half of all walks of life on the site large-scale implementation strategy of high quality white paper, web site in the search engine show will increase, will reduce the low quality web site in the search engine on the show, even not included. And love the king of Shanghai also pointed out: at present, the quality of Amoy Sina, Sohu and other large portal sites for the medium quality in the evaluation of search engine quality, this part of the site can meet the needs of users, but not to spend more time and > read more

Just as the last

remember the last time in the hall to watch the Boss shop in just CEO interview, he said he every month will take a day to do customer service, and other executives as well. Continued to see letters of complaint, we Shanghai Longfeng operators is necessary to become an excellent customer service. Because only become an excellent customer service we can always grasp the needs of users, to grasp the latest changes in the market, keep up with the rhythm of the market. Only in this way we will not be eliminated, if we can grasp the trend, then we can become the industry leader. If we react in a timely manner, at least we can not be eliminated. But the word of many companies in Shanghai dragon ER and customer service far away. Customer service is a special person in charge, the person in charge of the site is not what close contact with this. read more

贵族宝贝zhongxin588贵族宝贝 please keep the link.

Why would this

local website development we need to learn too many things, especially personal webmaster and grassroots team, because the local portal site is one of the biggest network media, is to go beyond the local TV station, newspaper media, need to do is not only the construction of the website, including operation of the party on the surface, each has the corresponding skills, strategies, welcome to communicate and discuss, local portal site QQ group: 80503406. read more

such as we are doing the "children’s clothing, children’s clothing brand children’s clothing, children’s clothing wholesale stores," these three words, we began to see these three words, may be placed in a title, but our analysis of attraction and repulsion of the three words together but not good words.

, a regional problem

For example:

was affected by the weights of the website, when our site has a certain weight, a high index word we have show, " read more

form inserted in the article, some can form "drop-down box" appears more content, which is to be avoided.

2, a row of only a few words on segmented

Oh, a man in a mixed society, what is the most important image first?. Then the Internet in this small community, your image will determine the future development of your site, but also determines the survival of your D site, so the site image is a very important factor in the development of website construction. If a website image is poor, will be doomed to users and search engines out. In 2014 fourth national Shanghai dragon ranking conference, "the founder of Zac, a daily" clearly pointed out: to improve the user experience, users can enhance the website weight retention time, bounce rate decreased, increased browsing. Shanghai Longfeng optimization really know how people understand the real purpose of the site, do not look to the search engines, but for the user to read, now the search engine is the core of the user experience, which is the ultimate goal of the search engine user experience, site, search engine, user, website construction is only directly to the users. Your site can be in an invincible position. read more

Editor Extension; the biggest advantage is the promotion of soft paper can detailed, the most attractive to describe a thing we should elaborate promotion of products or services. So many cases we each big website will adopt a soft Wen promotion, every day or every week website updates, so we need more editors to do soft Wen, to do promotion. We can get our products to the customer with the clear narrative, this will allow customers to have a clear understanding of the impression of our knowledge is more. Another weapon is the beautiful but also celebrate the readers, writing well sure there will be more people to read, so we. read more

do webmaster friends are very concerned about the love behind the Shanghai snapshot date, if your snapshot date corresponds to the calendar, so that you do a very successful optimization. The spider is always in favor of your site, you as their neighbors, will visit every day. However, for the station, especially new sites, because the original content is less, the exposure rate is low, the spider is not willing to go every day, leading to some site a few days or a month or even a few months home page is not updated, some webmaster covet fast buy gold chain, not a good grasp of the punishment of the search engine, the snapshot will not then update in a very long period of time, it is also very distressing many webmaster. read more

love Shanghai a series of tips, plus 3.15 against false information reporting activities, is enough to show that love for Shanghai Shanghai dragon attitude. Love has made clear that Shanghai search engine advocate white hat Shanghai dragon, eliminate black hat Shanghai dragon.

love Shanghai reminds you: please refer to love Shanghai about Shanghai Longfeng proposal, the author thinks that the meaning is not only follow the front view, more is to advocate white hat Shanghai Dragon technology, love Shanghai search engine in order to meet the needs of users, will be based on the value of content to display the page, of course, love Shanghai more hope website operators pay more attention to the this part of the user experience. read more

as the focus of the long tail keywords website, to promote the high development of the core function of the website, the development of a brand has its own words, words, words buy quiz website will be able to advance, let us fortune! The e-commerce learning network (贵族宝贝dzswww贵族宝贝/),

throughout the Internet, those who do good websites have their own brands, such as NetEase, Sina, A5 and other sites in search of these words all show the brand website, so we can according to this principle, but also for their own website to create a brand, then by all means to promote propaganda our brand, let users see after the search engine search related brand word into our website, the website brand awareness will improve. read more

love Shanghai add standard specified inside, special symbols, full width characters, bold characters, non English characters and traditional Chinese characters and font cannot be added, it is not possible to have these characters love Shanghai or love the sea without recognition of these characters love


this love Shanghai reached a very high level for Chinese characters segmentation and Chinese characters meaning, in our website, page layout keywords, may not need to write the article to add some extra keywords love Shanghai will be able to understand what we stand. Sunspots that in writing, or set up a website title description of the title or column describes is not necessary to have been intended to highlight some words, love Shanghai so silly as you think. read more

: the first to Shanghai Longfeng low cost, so there are a lot of Shanghai dragon Er does not love working for others, they can operate in several sites, even if the flow by a month a little will earn thousands of dollars. Without the control of the boss.

represent the general trend along with the electronic commerce, more and more enterprises realize the importance of network marketing. All enterprises want from the traditional sales model before the transition to combined with electronic commerce now, the formation of enterprise marketing on two legs. Hope the road wider and wider, but the recruitment of Shanghai Longfeng network marketing personnel encountered huge problems. I specialize in Shanghai Longfeng service work for a year and a half, know the difficulty of enterprise recruiting. In fact, not only is difficult to recruit people, in fact, Shanghai dragon Er professionals looking for a job is not easy. Today I this enterprise recruit talent from Shanghai and Shanghai dragon dragon Er job problems to comment. read more

The word

referred to Sun Tzu, presumably most webmasters are not unfamiliar, even can be memorized, although only 5000 words, but with its broad and profound philosophy, spiritual war struggle wisdom in Chinese and foreign history of military thought has profound influence, is the treasure of Chinese traditional culture. At this time I do Shanghai dragon Er, learned a lot of knowledge, understand a lot of truth, I will be here by Sun Tzu in the inside of a chapter in a four word to do the analysis, bear with me!! read more

, a traditional enterprise in manufacturing and processing, accounting for 21% of the total, the types of customers belong to the industry TOP10, investment promotion general multi channels, in order to maintain its leading position in the industry and market share, will spend a predetermined cost for Shanghai Dragon Phoenix company for the optimized stable ranking every year.

want to know their location, it is necessary to analyze the existing Shanghai dragon industry market, Shanghai dragon industry classification at present, can be roughly divided into the following categories (Figure -1):1, Shanghai Dragon Consulting Services; optimization analysis, 2 key words; 3, Shanghai dragon and Phoenix software tools; 4 Shanghai Dragon training class; 5, class of 6, the industry website optimization; search engine optimization class. Although the 2 and 5 to 1 can be contained inside, but now on the market there are still a lot of demand only keywords optimization and web optimization, keyword analysis, after all, optimization is the priority among priorities, and page optimization is mostly due to web designers to design beautiful from the website developers to view the website the function of point of view. While the industry search engine optimization is only in recent years began to attract the attention of the market, has not yet been developed to a certain scale. read more

directory! choose easy operationKeywords !

: the first website main keywords have difficulty, and not as the index of the more difficult! (many novice will think that the higher the index more difficult)


observation: as long as there is a general index of words ranked in the top fifty, will give the webmaster tools to love Shanghai weight 1. If the cost and profit of the top three cattle such words, I think you love Shanghai very weight rose to 2.

first of all, we need to clarify several points: read more

Each specific

5 standards:

3. users, the user’s performance including user retention time, page hits, page events, form, font design etc.. If you open a web page, the page is a mess, a pile of pop, natural experience is not good, long before the love of Shanghai on a large number of pop sites down the right treatment. Love can also be seen in Shanghai focus on the user experience.

love Shanghai policy, the original content tends to be of high quality, and for the chain of combat, makes Shanghai dragon Er had to change strategy, construction of good content, in fact, love Shanghai policy changes, but also for our personal webmaster do a long-term planning, the original site of the purpose it is to make money, to do what kind of website, not useful to the user, there is no future development, these problems, as personal webmaster has never considered changes in recent years love Shanghai policy, forced we must consider these issues. I do for what, what website profit, by what to seize the customers etc.. We think they will take their future as the basis for thinking. read more

Arktos’s founding team,

Abstract80% users will only use 20% of the Excel feature. A spreadsheet that anyone can understand is the goal of two students.

yes, it gives you countless tools to process and format these data, but these tools are incredibly arcane. They are a relic of a bygone era, in that era, engineers and computer geeks are in the field, they are happy to endlessly tinker with their software. Few people are able to understand spreadsheets unless they insist on just the most basic operations. read more

Abstract: when he was 15 years old, he joined the army and studied and maintained fighter planes every day. Later the plane appeared frequently in his works, "Shu Ke Sawyer" beta is the story of the little mouse, Shu Ke would not always be stigmatized as "thief", decided to open a helicopter to go outside rush, with labor in exchange for food.

but there are more and more letters at home, so I can’t put my family away. This makes Zheng Yuanjie a little worried.

November 2010, Zheng Yuanjie whim, he let the assistant to the young readers wrote to him from the house, when hundreds of thousands of letters were randomly selected from the ten letters, for the 10 year to his readers wrote in the universal small micro-blog. read more

handle net all to do all around the goal of rapid listing, this also led to the handle crazy money burning, expansion, confusion management, and one-sided pursuit of sales.

what kind of webmaster can make money? I believe an entry-level webmaster may have asked such a question, I also like, once asked in my eyes "master", asked the day can earn hundreds of owners, they are always very mysterious said: you have to yourself, or tell you a lot of technical problems, the feeling is in some kind of opportunity you fall into the cliff and then picked up a general martial arts cheats. Now, I this rookie, after 1 or 2 years in the webmaster career, has become the eyes of some people "master", encountered the same rookie problem, I put money owners summarized as "diligence + friends"". read more

brand promotion on the use of these moves, in July activities reduced 500-1000 yuan,

in the face of growing demand for enterprise management and constantly changing, A5 brand website http://s.jz.admin5/ as an authoritative website under the platform of Admin5 station network, in addition to continuously improve web graphic design, CMS production, imitation station site two times the development of three core service quality, more is to consider the needs of all, the establishment of the enterprise initiative attack, tailored for the enterprise marketing package. A5 brand building has accumulated years of technical experience, and in the station service market formed a certain brand reputation. Put forward the concept of "marketing type website" first. Elaborate for the enterprise to launch a variety of science station plan, from the website characteristics and needs, from the web page production to website promotion, tailored to maximize the advantages of the site. read more