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barbecue is a lot of friends want to engage in a project, because now many people like to eat barbecue, so this is a good choice. If you want to open a barbecue franchise, then where the location is better? Xiaobian for everyone in detail.

barbecue shop how to choose? As we all know, barbecue store location is not easy, you need to know a lot, so the choice of food and beverage snacks to join the formation of a large number of market segments. In the long run, a street market will spontaneously form a sale of certain commodities "market", in fact, for those goods shops, if it can be concentrated in a certain area or block, more can attract customers. Because people think of buying a commodity will naturally think of this place. read more

in order to let the shop name is more novel, can attract more consumer attention, now many shops in the name of time will use many components, which most probably it did not actually happen ", Arabia is also a lot of digital shopkeepers used part of love. In fact, the use of digital Arabia do name, look strange to remember, very creative, but the business regulations are not allowed.

recently, the industrial and commercial departments investigated and dealt with a number of abuses of Arabia digital behavior. read more


family and many offices have sofa products, the essential products of modern Home Furnishing in life, so there are a lot of franchisees and hope that through the open sofa stores of wealth. Now the industry competition pressure, want to succeed in business, need to do what business? Novice investors to learn it quickly.

keep the attitude of occupation service, we generally in the pre-sale, sale of attitude will be very good, if you give her for a long time do not buy it off will be more or less some complaints; from the perspective of human nature is very normal, because the sofa stores efforts are recognized and no return of her people, inevitably angry; but today the sofa stores are in business, open a jewelry store to join the sofa long and successful operation of a jewelry store, it is necessary to overcome the weakness of human nature, so look to the long-term, I not only want to do her a business, but to let her become long-term customers sofa stores! read more

zodiac is a topic that people often mention, Zodiac mascot business opportunities are gradually being concerned about the business. Zodiac mascot gift shop? Many investors have tasted the sweetness. If you want to have a guaranteed investment business, choose the brand right.

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the choice of entrepreneurial projects, can affect the overall development of the latter career, directly determine the cause of the investors in the end what kind of results can be achieved. Decided to start a business, the project is also very critical, you are suitable for what kind of investment projects? What is the pumpkin can let you find gold pumpkin? Valentine’s day, what are you going to buy flowers to his girlfriend?

A. traditional red rose       B. warm pink carnation       C. fashion perfume lily       D. bright red Calla read more

give a shop name, which words can be used, which words can not be used, these are a certain stress, we can refer to a certain principle to the shop name, also need to pay attention to some taboos. So, what are the names of the Farmhouse Hotel? Let Xiaobian for you to analyze, to see if you are in the name of the shop to pay attention to.

one, can not be washed with the owner

in the Farmhouse Hotel name, one of the most taboo, the owner did not consider that some of its own factors, is purely to name names, the name imperceptibly with their name character from the conflict, after which the store opened up, or is not good business, or is your body suddenly he sent down. read more

in the public entrepreneurship projects, string of incense operating threshold is relatively low, to help many entrepreneurs succeed. A young guy in Shandong after retirement, in the silver opened a string of incense, since the beginning of entrepreneurship.

"80" for most young people, have a stable job, good income may have been very satisfied. But there is a group of young people, they are eager to the new in order to be different, never too observant of conventional standards. new business models, emerge in an endless stream of the times, this group of people with passion, persistence, responsibility, with their story inspired more people. After 80 entrepreneurial story, there is a dream, passion, there are twists and turns, have to play. There is such a pioneering work in Baiyin in Shandong, he called Zhang Jibo, in an interview with reporters, he told reporters: "I said on the road of entrepreneurship has encountered many difficulties, but this is my career, I must overcome difficulties and setbacks." read more

"hunger breeds discontentment", many entrepreneurs in the choice of investment projects, mostly around the food and beverage in this direction turn, so in the catering industry, the shop has great composition. How to open a good shop also need to explore, in this small series will come with you to analyze.

1, to do face shop, it is best to find office or near the school, you will be the main target consumer positioning in office workers or students, their lunch consumption should be the largest source of income. read more

12th Five-Year has been successfully completed the construction of the five years of China’s economic growth slowed slightly but continued to increase, people’s livelihood has been a major reform in the field. "13th Five-Year" period, Yunnan will launch a new venture spree, help entrepreneurs to better plan for the future, to achieve entrepreneurial dreams of wealth.

2015 is about to pass, and the pace of 2016 is coming. The next 5 years, Yunnan in education, health care, employment and other livelihood areas will be how to develop? Yesterday, "the 13th Five-Year sail" to implement the twelve plenary session of the nine session of the provincial spirit of a series of press conferences in the final release, the theme of "sharing development". read more

now the Internet is very developed, learn to use it, can be regarded as a way to get rich. Recently, Wuhan out of an egg brother, named Li Xuan, graduated from Huazhong Agricultural University. After graduation, Li Xuan gave up 6000 yuan of high paying jobs in the network and micro-blog to start a business to start the soil eggs.

7 the end of the month, Li Xuan took 10 boxes of 3600 egg returned to Wuhan from Xiaogan, registered the "Li egg shop" micro-blog account, and advertising in Wuhan each big forum. Although 50 eggs to sell the price of $70 is not cheap, but he did not expect is that the more than 3 thousand eggs, less than 3 days to be ordered by the public.

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a delicious dishes are delicious in this dish to remove most of the food itself, there are clever collocation, peanut blend, ingenious fusion is the impact of taste delicious food in front of you. Take the pork, pork is nothing more than the ordinary common in our life, but how odd bone sauce ribs delicious ribs exclusive development process, learn English sauce, curry sauce, India Korean sweet chili sauce and fruity sauce of Provence’s four world famous sauce experience, combined with Chinese tastes, making a variety of flavor sauce since the listing, before, by the vast number of consumers and industry experts. read more

venture capital, if you do not have enough money, then this article is very important for you. When you want to start a business, you may be subject to strict budget constraints, but that doesn’t mean you have no other choice. When you have little or no money to start a business, follow these simple guidelines to start a business.

1, handmade

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for a lot of rural children, not admitted to the university will be able to successfully change their destiny, perhaps entrepreneurship is really a tool to change the fate of. Zhang Yan was born in a Guangdong in a remote rural area, had a taste of living in poverty, often do not have enough to eat, wear not warm, the so-called "the poor children early masters", Zhang Yan is also very sensible, academic performance has been among the best, but because of the high tuition fees, so she had to drop out before, in order to reduce the burden on the family. Zhang Heyan to working in the big city. read more

leather leather maintenance is a concern of the industry, because consumer demand is growing, so the franchisee can not ignore this good business opportunities. 2016 autumn and winter season is coming, if you now shop, you can grasp the opportunity to make money. So how should we start investing? Let’s have a look.

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now society, the majority of women have begun to hold up half the sky, at the same time, there are more and more women out of the house, took the entrepreneurial and rich in such a way that, in the whole society what kinds of projects are suitable for women entrepreneurship.

for woman opened the shop 1, tea shop, juice

juice for her tea shop, shop, in Shanghai, all the year round selling drinks is non pearl milk tea. Today, holding a cup of warm pearl milk tea, while drinking and shopping people everywhere. Therefore, in the streets of Shanghai, "Jack", "three seconds," immediately "cool" and "yogurt" etc. to tea, juice as the direction of the small beverage store more and more. This shop is small investment, no technical difficulty, and a wide range of consumer groups, urban streets, schools, hospitals, parks, theaters, supermarkets can be set up shop operators. It is understood that the tea shop profit margins as high as 50%. read more


legend and the new tactics, you know? In this era of innovation, what is the desire to get social recognition, want to get their own foothold, no innovation is not enough. Now more and more people start their own business, how to go on the road of entrepreneurship farther and farther, this is a question worth pondering all entrepreneurs. In the food and beverage industry, the brand competition is very intense, as if fighting on the battlefield in general, not your death is my death. The legendary chef soup pan, to subvert the traditional, seize the needs of the people, to bring consumers the nutritional health and enjoy the delicacy. Cook soup pan investment legend, diners smelling difficult to refuse, broad prospects. The legendary chef baking pot soup, boiling and baking one pot so different. read more

in our life, there is always a choice for the bathroom. JOYOU bathroom? The quality of the brand, to join JOYOU bathroom items for business with a small capital of the entrepreneur, is very has the advantage of the project. Join JOYOU bathroom, what are you still hesitating?

group was founded in 1979, after thirty years of development has become a solid and stable, covers an area of more than 2 thousand acres, the total assets of over 2 billion yuan in the company, and to promote the success of JOYOU (Germany) became the first Limited by Share Ltd listed in Europe China sanitary enterprises. read more

venture from scratch is a very difficult thing, some people take the form of a whole Pandian took over the store, can greatly reduce shop preparations. But hide a lot of subtle traps in this one, the harm of entrepreneurs. The following traps require extra attention.

may transfer to some real excuse to explain the reasons for the transfer of stores, such as physical discomfort, such as moving, immigrant rhetoric. So, in the count time, you must carefully scrutinize whether there are any other business reasons. Want to sell up to many people from the industry of careful analysis. read more