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first_imgAlthough Iran last received a loan from the IMF 60 years ago, the country maintains a good relationship with the Fund. Iran underwent an Article IV consultation with the IMF in 2018 and has proven willing to make tough reforms suggested by the fund’s economists, including a controversial cut to fuel subsidies that spurred protests in November of last year.But the US will likely aim to block Iran’s access to the requested loan. Since US law defines Iran as a state-sponsor of terror, the Trump administration is obligated to vote down Iran’s request. The US vote share of 16.51 percent means it lacks a veto on the IMF board, but even if it is unable to block the loan, it could use its sanction powers to sabotage the disbursement of the funds.The European Union has said it would support Iran’s request, and there are growing calls for the Trump administration to ease its economic pressure on Iran at this time of crisis. Unswayed, Trump administration officials have sought to undermine support for Iran’s request to the IMF by arguing that funds risk being diverted away from COVID-19 relief and that Iran should meet its financial needs by drawing down its sovereign wealth fund—a step the Iranian government already took last year as the country’s economic crisis was compounded by devastating floods.To get Iran the assistance it needs, the IMF can take steps to address the Trump administration’s concerns. First, the Fund can account for the unease of US regulators by excluding dollars, which are normally part of the Special Drawing Right (SDR) basket of currencies in which loans are made. Iran could even agree to accept the loan in euros alone, given that the EU is its primary supplier of medical goods. Second, the loan could be paid into an account maintained in Europe by the Central Bank of Iran. This would mean that the funds are spent within the European financial system, and therefore subject to oversight from regulators who can monitor for potential misuse, in communication with American counterparts.The Trump administration has itself implemented a similar system as part of the Swiss Humanitarian Trade Arrangement, a payment channel launched in February that enables the Central Bank of Iran to use assets in Switzerland towards payment of humanitarian exports by Swiss companies.Administration officials know a loan to Iran can be “de-risked”—what they are seeking to avoid is a political defeat. To that end, the IMF could seek a more discrete way to provide financial support: it could boost Iran’s access to liquid foreign-exchange assets by arranging the sale of some of Iran’s assets at the Fund to a third party, such as a European country.In this scenario, the IMF would reallocate some portion of Iran’s 1.55 billion in SDR holdings (valued at approximately $2.1 billion) to the buyer, which would then make a payment to Iran in a foreign currency, such as euros, to an account maintained by Iran’s central bank outside the country. The funds would then be spent in accordance with the same oversight measures described above. Such a transaction would not require approval from the IMF board of governors, meaning the US can avoid appearing isolated during an approval vote.It can be done. The question now is whether the IMF has the will to do it.Topics : The coronavirus epidemic has hammered Iran’s economy. Like many developing countries around the world that have seen export revenues fall, Iran faces a balance of payments crunch—but one that has been uniquely exacerbated by the Trump administration’s “maximum pressure” sanctions campaign.Brian Hook, the State Department’s point person on Iran, has revealed that the Trump administration had restricted the Islamic Republic’s access to 90 percent of its foreign currency reserves. Even when Iran is able to access these funds, medical supplies can be hard to procure. John Smith, the former head of the Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control, has said the sanctions have “likely dissuaded many companies from exporting medicine and medical devices to Iran that they otherwise could.” To address this crunch and to ease imports of medical supplies, Iran has requested a $5 billion emergency loan via the International Monetary Fund’s Rapid Financing Instrument, one of the facilities through which $50 billion in financing will be made available to low-income and developing countries facing balance-of-payments challenges due to the impact of the pandemic. last_img read more

first_imgThe student officers had discussions with several domestic defense companies on Thursday, such as maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) state-owned enterprises PT Garuda Maintenance Facility (GMF) and PT Merpati Maintenance Facility (MMF).GMF was represented by senior vice president M. Arif Faisal, who talked about defense cooperation and the transfer of technology, while MMF was represented by its president director Rowin Mangkoesoebroto, who talked about MRO capabilities in supporting national defense. Another state-owned enterprise, electronics maker PT LEN, saw its president commissioner Leonardi talk about integrated technology development during the fourth industrial revolution.Also attending the event were private defense companies PT Fin Komodo Teknologi, which produces light tactical vehicles for both commercial and defense purposes, and PT Jala Berikat Perkasa, which makes tactical and special purpose vehicles for defense.Another private defense company at the event was PT Infoglobal Teknologi Semesta, which focuses on military avionics, mission systems, radar integration, the weapons control system and application software. Topics : “The student officers can formulate strategic policy to increase the capabilities of the national defense industry toward a developed Indonesian Air Force and achieve excellent human resources,” he said in a press statement on Wednesday.On the first day of the program, the student officers had a discussion with representatives of United States defense company Lockheed Martin on development in avionics and aircraft modernization.The presentation was delivered by Lockheed principal in Indonesia Hendra Tjoa and regional manager Mario Magana, the organizing committee said in a separate statement.Lockheed’s products in the Indonesian Air Force currently include F-16 Fighting Falcon jet fighters and C-130 Hercules heavy transport aircraft.center_img Student officers at the Indonesian Air Force Staff and Command College (Seskoau) participated in a science and technology event recently to learn about the latest advancements taking place at defense companies in the country and abroad.The event was held via video conferences at Srutasala Hall on the Seskoau campus in Lembang, West Java, on Wednesday and Thursday under strict health protocol that included body temperature checks for students and physical distancing.Seskoau commander Air Commodore Samsul Rizal said that, through the virtual event, the student officers were to be presented with information and the transfer of technology, while cooperation with various stakeholders would be increased.last_img read more

first_imgTo achieve the target, Muhadjir said the government would convert a facility that was previously used for the production of avian influenza vaccine.“The President has approved the plan and we will soon conduct inter-ministerial coordination so that the PCR kits can really be produced at home, which would make us independent from imports,” he said.Muhadjir said Bio Farma would prepare the construction design for the production facility, while the Public Works and Housing Ministry would do the reconstruction based on the design.Indonesia has steadily ramped up its COVID-19 testing capacity, from an average of around 4,000 specimens tested daily in April to around 13,000 specimens tested daily since the end of May. However, the country still has among the lowest testing rates in the world, with around 2,300 tests per 1 million population as of Monday.Topics : The government is aiming to increase the country’s production capacity of COVID-19 polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test kits to 2 million units a month, Coordinating Human Development and Culture Minister Muhadjir Effendy said on Monday.“Should Indonesia be able to produce the number, [we] will be able to meet domestic needs,” Muhadjir said, adding that the idea had been conveyed to President “Jokowi” Widodo, who was also supportive of the plan.Currently, state-owned pharmaceutical company PT Bio Farma is producing around 50,000 test kits per week.last_img read more

first_imgStretton $896,500 Woodridge $285,000 $611,500 215%Brookwater $780,000 Goodna $292,375 $487,625 167%Kuraby $682,000 Logan Central $285,000 $397,000 139%Fig Tree Pocket $1,170,000 Jamboree Heights $495,000 $675,000 136%Newport $850,000 Deception Bay $362,000 $488,000 135%Corinda $805,000 Inala $345,000 $460,000 133%Ascot $1,445,000 Northgate $633,000 $812,000 128%Pullenvale $1,115,000 Riverhills $505,000 $610,000 121%Sherwood $915,000 Rocklea $420,000 $495,000 118%Hamilton $1,403,888 Murarrie $645,500 $758,388 117%(Source: Suburb #1  Median price Suburb #2  Median price  Price difference % difference Suburb #1  Median price Suburb #2  Median price  Price difference % difference Runcorn $326,000 Woodridge $161,500 $164,500 102%Scarborough $440,000 Deception Bay $255,000 $185,000 73%Ormiston $485,000 Capalaba $292,500 $192,500 66%Newstead $645,000 Fortitude Valley $390,000 $255,000 65%Bulimba $650,000 Albion $400,000 $250,000 63%Bethania $310,000 Beenleigh $203,000 $107,000 53%New Farm $587,000 East Brisbane $395,500 $191,500 48%North Lakes $402,500 Murrumba Downs $277,000 $125,500 45%Teneriffe $567,500 Bowen Hills $395,500 $172,000 43%Ascot $477,500 Wooloowin $336,750 $140,750 42%(Source: THE TOP 10 BRIDESMAID SUBURBS FOR BUYING HOUSES IN BRISBANE THE TOP 10 BRIDESMAID SUBURBS FOR BUYING UNITS IN BRISBANE Nerida Conisbee, chief economist of REA Group. Image: AAP/Monique Harmer.SAVVY househunters could save hundreds of thousands of dollars by buying a house in a ‘bridesmaid’ suburb just a stone’s throw from some of Brisbane’s priciest postcodes.While the ‘bride’ suburbs of Ascot, Hamilton and Pullenvale may have some of the most prestigious real estate in Queensland, some of their neighbouring suburbs are just as appealing — and with a much more affordable price tag, new figures show.Research by reveals it is possible to buy a house in Northgate, Riverhills and Murarrie for less than half of what you would expect to pay for their respective ‘bride’ suburbs. This house at 139 Ridge St, Northgate, is for sale. Inside the house at 139 Ridge Street, Northgate.In crunching the numbers, suburbs were ranked based on the greatest variance in median price between the ‘bride’ suburb and the ‘bridesmaid’ suburb. The two suburbs being compared either share a boundary or are within 10km of each other.For example, in Newstead the median unit price is $645,000, but just next door in Fortitude Valley, the median unit price is $390,000 — that’s a difference of $255,000.The Brisbane ‘bridesmaid’ suburbs with the biggest difference in unit prices compared to their respective ‘bride’ suburbs include Woodridge, Deception Bay and chief economist Nerida Conisbee said ‘bridesmaid’ suburbs were considered the second-best options for buyers locked out of the more expensive postcodes. This house at 7 Pomona Court, Deception Bay, is for sale.Ms Conisbee said some suburbs were seen as less desirable than others nearby, but buyer preferences could change. “Difficulties in moving around are going to be less of an issue going forward,” Ms Conisbee said.“Sometimes suburbs can seem vastly different but because preferences change they become far more desirable.”Ms Conisbee said buying a property a bit further away from a ‘bride’ suburb to a ‘bridesmaid’ suburb could be a good an investment.“In the knowledge that you’re never going to pay the same price, you can enjoy some of the amenities that the blue chip suburbs enjoy (by moving to wannabe suburbs),” she said.“The factors that seem to lead to the gaps are things like beach access, housing is tight, block sizes and physical geography. Hilly does better as you can get higher aspects.” REA Group chief economist Nerida Conisbee.In Brisbane, Ms Conisbee said homes in suburbs on the river were generally higher in price.She said Stretton, with a median house price of $896,500, would be considered a ‘bride’ suburb because it had a lot of big homes on large blocks.But the nearby suburb of Woodridge had a much more affordable median house price of $285,000 — meaning buyers could potentially save more than $600,000 by buying a house there instead.“Places like New Farm are also really expensive for houses,” Ms Conisbee said. “People are potentially buying units just to be in those (‘bride’) suburbs, and that’s something that would really push up the pricing.”Ms Conisbee said the same considerations applied when it came to buying units.“If there are a lot of units in one location as opposed to another, it makes it a lot cheaper than a suburb where there aren’t many units,” she said. This character home at 68 Peary St, Northgate, is for sale.Northgate in Brisbane’s north has been identified as a ‘bridesmaid’ suburb, with a median house price of $633,000, yet only about 10km from the CBD.Its ‘bride’ equivalent of blue-chip Ascot has a median house price of $1.4 million.Janelle McKenna of Place Estate Agents Ascot said Northgate was a more affordable alternative to Ascot that offered “more bang for your buck”.But house prices in the suburb are rapidly growing as buyers begin to realise its potential.Ms McKenna holds the residential home sale record for Northgate after selling 94 Peary Street for $3 million early this year.“I don’t think you’d get a bargain here anymore, but you’re going to have good growth — it’s definitely a suburb worth investing in,” Ms McKenna said.She said the suburb had grown in popularity in recent years as coffee shops and micro breweries started to pop up.“Northgate once upon a time was looked at as an industrial suburb, mainly because of the pineapple factory that was here,” Ms McKenna said.“It’s now a community minded family area.”On the other side of the river, the ‘bridesmaid’ suburb of Murarrie has a median house price of $645,500 — a far cry from its respective ‘bride’ suburb of Hamilton, where the average house sells for $1.4 million. This house at 48 Walter St, Murarrie, is for sale.After falling in love with Murarrie nearly two decades ago, Mara and Vince Greco are now reluctant to leave.The couple is selling their home at 32 Walter Street to move closer to family interstate.The Grecos have seen a lot of once undesirable suburbs become ‘brides’ in the time they have lived there. “We used to visit friends in Bulimba, but back then it was an area inhabited by people who worked down at the wharves,” Mr Greco said. “It was low-lying and flood-prone. Of course, it’s been transformed now.”But Mr Greco always saw potential in Murarrie.“On the other side of Creek Road — the high side — is all small, post-war houses,” he said. “The elevation is something that always appealed to me. It’s a lot cooler up here than on the low side.” Mara and Vince Greco are selling their house in the “bridesmaid” suburb of Murarrie. Picture: Tara Croser.The Grecos bought an old house in the suburb, but instead of renovating, decided to rebuild. Mr Greco believes it was a good investment decision, and sees Murarrie continuing to grow in the years ahead.“If you look at the progression of residential development over the decades, if you look at what Brisbane started out as and how it’s grown since then, the industry tends to get pushed further and further out,” he said.“There’s less and less stevedore work and dry docks down along the river at Murrarie, and that will all slowly change. “People want to live close to amenities, schools, shopping centres. Here, you’ve got the Cannon Hill shopping centre, Carindale (Westfield shopping centre) down the road, you’re one traffic light away from the north coast, one traffic light away from the south coast, and there’s a train station.” Work underway on the Murarrie River Recreation Hub. Picture: Brian Bennion.Meagan Muir of Place Bulimba, who is marketing the Grecos home, said ‘bridesmaid’ suburbs like Murarrie often held up well in times of uncertainty because buyers saw an opportunity to buy close to a more desirable area.“I think anyone wants to buy in a suburb where they can see growth happening,” Mrs Muir said.“If they can get in at a value buy, they feel more confident because they’re not paying a premium for real estate at a time when the market is uncertain.”Mrs Muir said Murarrie was seen as the next Cannon Hill in terms of the ripple effect from higher priced suburbs closer to the CBD. More from newsParks and wildlife the new lust-haves post coronavirus8 hours agoNoosa’s best beachfront penthouse is about to hit the market8 hours ago“Now Cannon Hill is outpricing many buyers, so they’re looking to Murarrie,” she said.“It’s very family friendly, with lots of young families and first home buyers.“You’ve got a city view from some parts. In Bulimba, you’d be paying in the high $1 million bracket for a house with the same view.”last_img read more

first_imgBOONE, Iowa – An open practice session runs from 6-8 p.m. this Friday, May 15 at Boone Speed­way. Pit passes will be $15, masks must be worn, hand sanitizer stations will be located around the speedway grounds and race teams must maintain social distancing.  Opening night for IMCA Modifieds, IMCA Sunoco Stock Cars, IMCA Sunoco Hobby Stocks and Karl Kustoms Northern SportMods is Saturday, May 16. More information about Friday’s practice and Saturday’s opener is available on the track website or Facebook page.last_img read more

first_imgBENNINGTON, Neb. ­– RaceSaver Enterprises is pleased to announce the acquisition of the RaceSaver Sprint Series by Roger Hadan, owner and promoter of Eagle, Neb. Hadan has obtained the rights to the name RaceSaver and will oversee all media relations, sponsorships, hard card applications, etc. for the series. IMCA will be the official sanctioning body again in 2016 and beyond. French Grimes, the originator of the series in 1997, will retain his position as the face of RaceSaver. He will also be relied on to establish and oversee all rules and regulations as well as having the final word on all tech-related issues. “Three years ago, I had a weekly Sprint Car class at Eagle Raceway that was struggling with its car count due to rising costs. After having 50 different sets of Sprint Car rules spread out across my living room floor, trying to find rules that were enforceable, I discovered RaceSaver,” Hadan said. “So that is the direction we took. Three years later, here I am with a weekly RaceSaver Sprint Car division that is drawing 30 or more cars most nights.”“We want to let everyone know that we are going to uphold to the fine tradition of the RaceSaver Sprint Series and hopefully expand the series even further,” he continued. “French has had a truly excellent run in providing affordable competition in a class where costs are escalating constantly and making it difficult for the budget racer to have equal footing. We will do everything in our power to ensure that there will always be Sprint Car racing for the teams and fans.”Hard card applications and tech forms should now on be sent to RaceSaver Enterprises at PO Box 17, Bennington, Neb., 68007.“RaceSaver has grown to well over 1,000 cars because of the hard work and dedication of all of our regional directors and their competitors. The vision was, and is to preserve racing for racers from working families,” said Grimes. “My responsibility is to try to make sure that the future of RaceSaver is protected. Roger and I started working together three years ago. He is responsible for paving the way for the association of IMCA and RaceSaver, which brought all of the benefits of IMCA membership.” “Roger has proven he is a man of character and a true believer in RaceSaver. Roger is the right man to move RaceSaver forward. Our contract transfers the RaceSaver name, trademarks and business interests to him,” he continued.Grimes will remain in control of RaceSaver rules and standards, distribution of RaceSaver cylinder heads and the technical inspection process, including determining the inspection standards, choosing the inspectors and assuring that the engine has the correct serial number and seal numbers, and is owned by the correct person or entity.last_img read more

first_imgHuggins Awarded for Breakthrough Week March 27, 2007PENSACOLA, Fla. – For the fourth time this season, a member of the West Florida baseball team was rewarded by the Gulf South Conference. Junior Lee Huggins (Bay Minette, Ala. / Faulkner State CC) was named the GSC Player of the Week following his offensive performance at North Alabama last weekend.Huggins is on an eight game hitting streak. He went 8-for-12 with three doubles, a homerun, two RBI and three runs scored in three games against North Alabama. He posted a .667 batting average and a 1.167 slugging percentage. Huggins has been UWF’s best slugger in six conference games. He is batting .571 (12-for-21).First baseman Bo Williams and pitchers Brett McCullough and Jon Sintes earned GSC accolades earlier this season.West Florida prepares for six games this week, including a three game series beginning Tuesday at 4:00 pm against GSC West school Arkansas Tech in non-conference play. West Florida will host West Georgia in a three game conference series starting on Saturday at 2:00 pmPrint Friendly Version Sharelast_img read more

first_img Jones has endured a difficult season at Old Trafford, suffering a couple of injury absences that have restricted him to just 16 starts in all competitions. Yet his value to United has been in evidence over the last two months. “Jones is going to be a phenomenal player,” said Ferguson. “He has a fantastic influence, no matter where he plays.” Press Association Sir Alex Ferguson has tipped Phil Jones to become one of Manchester United’s greatest ever players.center_img Whether it was keeping Real Madrid quiet after being handed a defensive midfield role in the Bernabeu, subduing Stoke from his right-back station or strolling through Monday night’s Premier League-title clinching effort against Aston Villa at centre-half, Jones has excelled. The last player capable of filling such a wide variety of roles was John O’Shea. And ultimately, that versatility prevented the Irishman from holding down a regular berth in Ferguson’s team. At 21, one senses that will not happen to Jones. It is just that Ferguson himself does not know where his talents are best suited. Ferguson added: “He has an instinct for the game and a drive about him. “I have no idea where his best position is. He could play anywhere on the pitch. But he will be one of the best players we have ever had.” High praise indeed, underlining why Jones has previously been compared to Duncan Edwards, who was only 21 when his life was tragically cut short in the Munich air crash. last_img read more

first_img Press Association “Roberto is so honest and I’m honest with him. We put our cards on the table and whatever Roberto says we will accept and we will honour. We’d all love him to stay.” The 76-year-old is holding out hope he could persuade Martinez to remain and lead Wigan’s bid to return to the Premier Legaue after their relegation, following eight years in the top-flight, was confirmed with a 4-1 defeat at Arsenal on Tuesday night. Martinez, who led Wigan to their first FA Cup success at the weekend, has been linked as a possible replacement for David Moyes at Everton. Whelan had to fend off interest in Martinez last summer and admitted interest from bigger clubs in his manager had remained strong. “He’s being chased regularly by some very, very big and wealthy clubs around England,” he said. “We’ll have talks to persuade him; if we need to persuade him because he is a dedicated man. He goes by his word. He’s so honest and we respect him enormously. Everybody in Wigan hopes that Roberto stays with us.” Whelan’s desire to keep Martinez is understandable, with the club set to face a congested fixture list when they bid to make an immediate return to the Premier League next season. Wigan’s 1-0 FA Cup final win over Manchester City booked them a place in next year’s Europa League, which will be added to the 46-game slog of a Championship campaign and cup competitions. “We’ve got so many matches next season,” Whelan said. “We’ve got Europe and there is 46 games in the Championship. It’s a fantastic challenge and a challenge we’ve got to take on board and get on with it and fight our way back to the Premier.” Roberto Martinez’s future at Wigan is set to be decided after the team’s final match of the season when he meets chairman Dave Whelan.center_img The pair are due to hold discussions following the FA Cup winners’ closing Premier League game against Aston Villa on Sunday. Whelan expects the talks to be “honest” and claimed he would accept any decision from the Spaniard should he want to leave the DW Stadium. “At the end of the season what we always do is get together and have a talk,” Whelan told BBC Radio 5 Live. last_img read more

first_imgThere could be a break in the case of missing mom Leila Cavett.Officials with the U.S. Marshalls announced Sunday that they have arrested 38-year-old Shanon Ryan in connection with the woman’s disappearance on July 26. He was taken into custody on Saturday, and is facing a charge of lying to federal officers.Ryan is behind held without bond.The FBI recently obtained video footage of 21-year-old Cavett at a Vero Beach Cracker Barrel on July 24. She was with her 2-year-old son, Kamdyn, and they arrived in South Florida on July 25.Additional video, taken the following day at a Racetrack gas station in Hollywood, seems to show Cavett in a vehicle that is not hers.SAC Piro: We are investigating every possibility as to why Leila went missing. If you have any information as to the disappearance or whereabouts of Leila Cavett, please call FBI Miami at 1-800-CALL-FBI or go to— FBI Miami (@FBIMiamiFL) August 13, 2020 The woman’s Chevy truck was found in Hollywood on July 28.Her son was found wandering around Miramar at that time. He remains in DCF custodyThis is a developing story.last_img read more